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Alpha Delta Pi is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive sisterhood that appreciates the differences we each bring, recognizes our common values, and celebrates the identities of our lived experiences. To create a sisterhood that is a more welcoming space for all members, Alpha Delta Pi announced the creation of a new collegiate officer position, the Director of Inclusion, in the 2020 – 2021 academic year.

The goal of the Director of Inclusion is to create a sense of belonging for members of the chapter and facilitate education on topics related to diversity & inclusionunderstanding that diversity & inclusion should never be the responsibility of solely one member, but of all members regardless of the stage of their membership.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact your Diversity & Inclusion Liaison or reach out to

Duties & Responsibilities

The Director of Inclusion will assume the following responsibilities:

  • Serves as a member of the Member Development Team, which assumes responsibility for promoting an inclusive and open environment for all current and potential members, empowering members through consistent education, and holding each other accountable for their actions.
  • Serves as Chair of the chapter’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, should one exist.
    • Creates chapter diversity & inclusion goals for how the chapter will continue working towards creating a sisterhood that is a more welcoming and inclusive space for all members. These goals must be reviewed and approved via formal vote at a chapter business meeting.
    • Submits approved chapter diversity & inclusion goals to your Member Development Advisor, Diversity & Inclusion Liaison (DIL), and Collegiate Province Director.
  • Serves as chapter liaison to any Panhellenic Diversity & Inclusion Committee, in compliance with university or Panhellenic Council guidelines.
  • Consults with the Member Development (Standards) Council on an as-needed basis to support chapter and member accountability related to diversity & inclusion, as requested by the Vice President of Member Development.
  • Consults on appropriate and effective sanctions aligned with the chapter goals towards diversity & inclusion.
  • Promotes existing and/or external diversity & inclusion-related activities and events and incorporates them into the chapter calendar. External activities and events can be hosted by university student organizations, groups, departments, or local communities.
  • Coordinates educational programs and discussions for the chapter.
    • In partnership with the chapter’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, hosts, co-sponsors, or participates in a diversity & inclusion education program that is aligned to chapter diversity & inclusion goals (at least) once per term.
    • In cooperation with your chapter Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Marketing & Recruitment Team, schedules a diversity & inclusion education session focused on recruitment required for all members before the chapter begins any primary recruitment. Programming required through your university’s Panhellenic Council can also apply to this requirement.
    • Examples of programs include:
      • Planning discussions using one of the diversity & inclusion resources and DEI discussion guide available on Pride Online.
      • Compensate a qualified university representative or external expert to facilitate diversity & inclusion educational programming.
      • Coordinate with your Diversity & Inclusion Liaison (DIL) for your chapter to receive existing diversity & inclusion educational programming.
      • All education programs’ outcomes, facilitators, and budgets should be reviewed by the Executive Committee and the Member Development advisor.
  • Ensures Alpha members are aware of the chapter Director of Inclusion officer role, committee, and chapter goals, along with university resources within the first six weeks of membership.
  • Reports the progress of chapter diversity & inclusion goals, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and other relevant progress to the VP of Member Development & Member Development Advisor to be shared with the Executive Committee on a weekly basis.
  • Communicates progress and updates from your chapter’s diversity & inclusion goals with your Diversity & Inclusion Liaison (DIL) at a virtual meeting at the start of each term.
  • Ensures the monthly DEI Report is submitted via Pride Online no later than the last Wednesday of the month.
  • Participates in Director of Inclusion Webinar Series calls to continue personal growth and education around diversity & inclusion, reporting any key takeaways to the chapter at-large, when appropriate. Watches the recordings within two weeks if unable to attend the live session
  • Maintains and updates officer materials and ensures an effective transition for the new officer at the conclusion of the term in office.
  • Sets personal goals for the office of Director of Inclusion and works toward their accomplishment.

Chapter Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The purpose of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to facilitate initiatives that demonstrate diversity & inclusion as a strategic priority for Alpha Delta Pi.

This Diversity & Inclusion Committee is composed of the following:

  • Director of Inclusion (Chair)
  • Executive Officer Representative
  • Advisory Board Representative
  • Interested and dedicated chapter members. This can include:
    • A representative from each Alpha class or year in school
    • Individuals who may serve on campus as a peer dialogue facilitator or ambassador to a multicultural officer or diversity, equity, and inclusion office
    • Members of related student organizations
    • Individuals interested in advancing DEI within the chapter and FSL community

Duties & Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Chapter Diversity and Inclusion Committee include the following:

  • Develops chapter diversity & inclusion goals for the upcoming year. These goals should consider incorporating information and recommendations from the Panhellenic Council and qualified university representatives, be formally voted on by the chapter at-large at a chapter business meeting and submitted to your Member Development Advisor, Diversity & Inclusion Liaison (DIL), and Collegiate Province Director.
  • Meets monthly to ensure progress is being made on the chapter’s diversity & inclusion goals by coordinating educational and other programs with the Director of Inclusion.
  • Provides support to chapter officers and teams to incorporate inclusive practices into chapter operations, event planning, and the overall membership experience.

Selecting a Director of Inclusion

This section can be used to aid in the selection process of a Director of Inclusion.


  • Understanding of the importance of diversity & inclusion on the local and global stage, as well as in the Sorority and membership experience
  • Interest in and capability to learn new objectives, with a continuous improvement mindset
  • Effective communication skills centering on care and compassion, especially in circumstances of disagreement or conflicting perspectives.
  • Ability to represent the chapter with the Panhellenic community and university and external stakeholders from a welcoming and growth mindset
  • Willingness to attend and participate in events and activities to further self-understanding and ability to incorporate into chapter operations and goals

Core competencies developed in this role include:

  • Planning & Execution
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Team Skills
  • Counseling
  • Resourcefulness
  • Ability to Inspire
  • Ethics/Integrity

This role will require approximately 2 to 5 hours of time each week, with the time required fluctuating based on chapter and campus needs.

Suggested Interview Questions

Interested candidates should complete the Candidate Profile. The Nominating Committee can review the sample interview questions on Pride Online and the questions below to support the selection process:

  • In your words, how do you define diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • How does diversity, equity, and inclusion influence the Sorority and membership experience?
  • Why are you interested in serving in this role?
  • Tell us about the S.M.A.R.T goals written in your candidate profile.
  • This is a role that is often closely scrutinized, and this topic can also be met with resistance and misunderstanding of intent. Given the potential for this to happen, how would you navigate conversations and situations that were critical of the work you were doing?
  • Describe a time when you made a decision that was met with resistance and how you responded to this situation to get support or buy-in.
  • What questions does the member have for the Nominating Committee about serving in this role?

First 30 Days Checklist

Thank you for your commitment to Alpha Delta Pi and ensuring the success of your chapter! The First 30 Days Checklist is designed to introduce you to your role and resources available to you. While this is not an exhaustive list to govern your entire term of office, it can get you started on the tasks you will need to complete during your first 30 days in office. This resource should be used as a supplement to Leadership Planning Workshop and any training provided by your campus community. Tasks in each section are listed in the recommended order of completion.

Complete Transition Paperwork

Meet With Your Contacts

  • Meet with the outgoing Director of Inclusion to transition your roles. This is an individual meeting between the outgoing Director of Inclusion and the incoming Director of Inclusion. This should not be done during the Leadership Planning Workshop.
    • Review the shared content from the Departing Officer Workbook and Incoming Officer Workbook.
    • Discuss plans for additional transition meetings if needed and establish communication expectations for questions that arise throughout the year.
    • Transition any chapter files and paperwork, hard copy or digital, you may need.
    • Analyze the success of the previous year’s diversity & inclusion goals and opportunities for improvement.
  • Email or meet with your Member Development Advisor.
    • Introduce yourself, exchange contact information, and discuss expectations for the upcoming year.
  • Email or meet with your Region’s Diversity & Inclusion Liaison.
    • Introduce yourself and exchange contact information.
    • Discuss expectations for the upcoming year and how you plan on communicating.
  • Attend a meeting with the Member Development Team (Vice President of Member Development, Director of Academic Affairs, Director of Inclusion, Wellness Specialist, and Chaplain).
    • Discuss your roles and the scope of responsibilities.
    • Discuss successes, challenges, and issues you might expect during your terms of office.
    • Discuss how you might want to collaborate across your areas of responsibility.
    • Discuss communication expectations and dates for team meetings.
  • Email or meet with a qualified representative from the University Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the Multicultural Student Services Center, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, or a related department.
    • Introduce yourself and exchange contact information.
      • It is important to begin building a relationship with these contributers proactively before you’re put in a position where you need something from them or are in crisis incident response-mode. Building earnest, genuine relationships on campus is a key performance indicator of this role.
      • Learn about the availability of resources offered at the university or locally. These university resources will be incorporated into chapter diversity & inclusion goals. In the Understanding Campus Resources section of the Wellness Specialist page, there is a link to Campus Resource Guides. This guide may help you identify offices and individuals you may want to build relationships with, learn more about and/or use for education and support.
  • Meet with your Diversity & Inclusion Committee, if applicable.
    • Discuss your roles and the scope of responsibilities.
    • Develop chapter diversity & inclusion goals for the upcoming year. These goals will need to be developed in cooperation with the qualified representative from your university, formally voted on by the chapter at-large at a chapter business meeting, and submitted to your Member Development Advisor, Diversity & Inclusion Liaison, and Collegiate Province Director within the first 60 days of the academic term.
    • Set up regular meetings to ensure progress is being made on the chapter’s diversity & inclusion goals.

Learn the Ropes

  • Actively participate in leadership transition meetings  and attend the Leadership Planning Workshop.
  • Complete the Incoming Officer Workbook prior to Leadership Planning Workshop.
  • Set individual and team goals and expectations for the upcoming year.
  • Obtain and review Alpha Delta Pi:
  • Complete the Director of Inclusion Library Course.
  • Attend the Director of Inclusion Webinar Series each month. (And watch the recordings in the Diversity Officer and Committee Training course in the Library when you can’t attend!)
  • Attend any/all relevant training offered by your campus Panhellenic and/or Fraternity/Sorority Life office. 
  • Obtain and review any university, Panhellenic, or Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life diversity & inclusion requirements and resources for sororities and/or student organizations.

Chapter DEI Goals

Taking the time set chapter goals can help you map out a plan to initiate diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in your chapter. This section will help you take steps to prepare and submit your Chapter’s D&I Goals Worksheet.

Goal Setting Process

Before completing your Chapter D&I Goal Setting Worksheet, here are some questions to reflect on individually, with your committee, and with other officers.

  • What is your chapter’s current or past experience related to diversity, equity, and inclusion? 
  • What are some strengths you see in your chapter regarding diversity & inclusion? 
  • What are some of the opportunities for growth you see in your chapter regarding diversity & inclusion? 
  • What are some of the tangible ways you see diversity & inclusion impacting the sorority experience?
  • What are some of the common questions about diversity & inclusion, and related topics, in your chapter?

Submitting the Goals Setting Worksheet

Chapter goals should be outlined with your D&I Committee, if applicable, in the first 30 days of your officer term. Once you’ve reflected on the questions and completed the form, you will:

  • Submit chapter D&I goals to your Executive Committee for review.
  • The chapter-at-large must vote on these diversity & inclusion goals at a qualified chapter meeting within the first 45 days of your office. 
  • Once all D&I goals have been approved by the chapter, submit within the first 60 days of your term to the following: 
    • Member Development Advisor
    • Diversity & Inclusion Liaison (DIL)
    • Collegiate Province Director
  • Meet with your chapter’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee monthly to ensure progress is being made on the diversity & inclusion goals for the year. 
  • Submit the monthly DEI Report via Pride Online to keep your Diversity & Inclusion Liaison (DIL) apprised of the progress you’ve made and any support you may need.

Additional Considerations

  • In addition to these goals, what are the top priorities of our committee? 
  • How will we measure progress towards chapter diversity & inclusion goals and our committee’s other priorities? 
  • What barriers might get in the way of our progress as a committee, and how might we overcome them? 

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