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First 30 Days Checklist 

Congratulations on your new role as Operations Specialist! Thank you for your commitment to Alpha Delta Pi and for ensuring the success of your chapter. There is a lot to do! While this is not an exhaustive list to govern your entire term of office, it can get you started on the tasks you will need to complete during your first 30 days in office. This resource should be used as a supplement to Leadership Transition Workshop and training provided by your campus community. Tasks in each section are listed in the recommended order of completion.

Complete Transition Paperwork

  • Logon to Pride Online and ensure your contact information is up to date.

Meet with your contacts

  • Meet with the outgoing Operations Specialist to transition your roles. This is an individual meeting between the outgoing Operations Specialist and the incoming Operations Specialist. This should not be done during the Leadership Planning Workshop. Though you meet with your outgoing officer to learn more about your position and gain insight from the past academic year, your primary source of information for transitions should be the resources available on Pride Online, such as Library Courses, Manuals and Forms, and the Chapter Operations Book. If conflicting or outdated information is provided the materials that live on Pride Online.
    • Review the shared content from the Departing Officer Workbook and Incoming Officer Workbook.
    • Discuss plans for additional transitions meetings if needed and establish communication expectations for questions that arise throughout the year.
    • Transition any chapter files and paperwork, hard copy or digital, you may need.
    • Gain admin access to your chapters’ group communication channels (e.xADPi Connect, Slack, Campus Listserv, Facebook) 
  • Meet with your Executive Chapter Advisor.
    • Introduce yourself, exchange contact information, and discuss expectations for the upcoming year
  • Meet with the Operations Team (Vice President of Operations, Operations Specialist and Archivist).
    • Discuss your roles and the scope of responsibilities.
    • Discuss success, challenges, and issues you might expect during your term of office.
  • Determine with the Vice President of Operations the best method to file Chapter Meeting minutes. Chapter Meeting minutes are to be kept permanently in chapter files.
  • Connect with the Vice President of Member Development to review procedures for Chapter Meeting excuses and attendance.


  • Actively participate in Leadership Transitions and attend the Leadership Planning Workshop.
  • Complete Incoming Officer Workbook prior to Leadership Planning Workshop.
  • Set individual and team goals and expectations for the upcoming year.
  • Obtain and review Alpha Delta Pi:
  • Attend any/all relevant training offered by your campus Panhellenic and/or Fraternity/Sorority Life office. 
  • Attend any Operations virtual training (or watch recordings) and review new resources provided.
  • Review chapter roster and create a new or revise existing tracking method for chapter meeting attendance.
  • Explore the Member Search feature on Pride Online and the International Officer directory to collect contact information for advisors, alumnae, Executive Office, and International Officers.
  • Inventory your chapter’s stationery and identify items needed, if applicable.
    • Receive Executive Chapter Advisor approval prior to ordering additional stationery from vendors.

Role & Responsibilities 

  • Serves as a member of the Operations Team to ensure the efficiency of chapter operations.
  • Records and prepares minutes of Chapter Meetings which the Vice President of Operations copies and sends to the Collegiate Province Director and the Chapter Advisor within 48 hours of the meeting. Ensures that absent chapter members read and sign a copy of the minutes.
  • Reads minutes of the last meeting at Chapter Meetings and makes corrections, if applicable.
  • Calls roll at meetings and keeps a record of attendance.
  • Memorizes her speaking part in the Initiation Ceremony.
  • Makes copies of all forms, reports, and letters in the appropriate numbers as directed by the Vice President of Operations.
  • Reads or posts general chapter correspondence received, as appropriate.
  • Sends acknowledgement cards or electronic acknowledgements to alumnae who submitted Legacy Introduction Forms and Potential Member Recommendations received at least one week prior to the beginning of primary recruitment. Legacy Introduction Forms and Potential Member Recommendations received less than one week prior to the beginning of primary recruitment must be acknowledged within two weeks of bid day. All alumnae who sent Legacy Introduction Forms and Potential Member Recommendations for women who pledged shall be invited to Initiation with the invitation to be sent at least four weeks prior to Initiation.
  • Sends thank-you notes to advisors, alumnae, and International Officers for assistance.
  • Sends thank-you notes and letters of congratulations to other Greek organizations, university officials, etc. as appropriate.
  • Uses the proper stationery and the proper form for all correspondence and invitations. (Chapter stationery and acknowledgement cards must comply with the Alpha Delta Pi Brand Standards Guide.)
  • Maintains and updates her officer materials.
  • Sets personal goals for the office of Operations Specialist and works toward their accomplishment.

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