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Sisterhood is the heart of Alpha Delta Pi. Developing relationships that last is the goal of sisterhood. When sisters spend time together, they develop relationships and bonds that can last a lifetime, chapters retain their members throughout their collegiate days, and we create engaged alumnae that continue building and nourishing those relationships, as well as many new ones, for the rest of their lives.

Sisterhood can be developed through various activities. Sisterhood events and activities should focus on building sisterhood within a chapter, so they should be open to all members, but attendance should not be mandatory. These activities should be fun, creative, and stress- free — an opportunity for chapter members to take a break from academics and chapter business. We use Sisterhood activities, Prides, and Retention Committees to foster sisterhood within our chapters. 

First Thirty Days Checklist (Wow, this is long – I’ve highlighted areas that could come out)

Review Contact Information

Meet with Your Contacts

  • Meet with the outgoing Sisterhood Program Specialist to transition your roles. This is an individual meeting between the outgoing and incoming Sisterhood Program Specialist. This should not be done during the Leadership Planning Workshop.
    • Review the shared content from the Departing Officer Workbook and Incoming Officer Workbook. Where are these?  What are these?  Links?
    • Discuss plans for additional transition meetings if needed and establish communication expectations for questions that arise throughout the year. not needed
    • Transition any chapter files and paperwork, hard copy or digital, you may need.
    • Analyze the success of the previous year’s sisterhood event program and identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Ask the outgoing officer which sisterhoods worked well and which didn’t work so well.  Ask for advice on how to make sisterhoods stronger (more fun, better attended, etc.) and which sisterhoods didn’t work (poorly attended, too expensive, etc.)  Also communicate the best ways to let the chapter know about sisterhoods and encourage participation.  Also discuss good ways to get member input on desired events. 
    • Discuss your chapter’s sisterhood programming budget and how to get member input on desired events. 
  • Meet with your Membership Experience Advisor.
    • Introduce yourself, exchange contact information, and discuss expectations for the upcoming year.
    • Ensure you both have access to the most updated Membership Experience Planner (MEP) and monthly report.
    • Review what types of emails your Membership Experience advisor wants to be copied on and information they need to be provided.  Can we condense this?
  • Meet with the Membership Experience Team (Vice President of Membership Experience, Director of New Member Experience, Director of Ritual Education, Ritual Education Specialist, if applicable, and Director of Alumnae Engagement).
    • Discuss your roles and the scope of responsibilities.
    • Discuss success, challenges, and issues you might expect during your terms of office.
    • Discuss communication expectations and dates for team meetings. add set smart goals

Learn the Ropes

  • Actively participate in Leadership Transitions and attend the Leadership Planning Workshop.
  • Complete Incoming Officer Workbook prior to Leadership Planning Workshop.
  • Set individual and team goals and expectations for the upcoming year. Think about number of events, type of events and participation goals.  
  • Obtain and review Alpha Delta Pi:
    • Statements of Policy
    • Standards Code
    • Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules
    • Chapter Calendar and ME Planner
    • Roles and responsibilities for your position (It looks like this is a reference to the COB and the link just takes us back to the info in Pride Online as I see it? We could say “Review your resource tab on Pride Online Under Membership Experience Team.”
    • Roles and responsibilities for your team – who is on your team and what they do. 
    • Officer Digests: Starting February 2022 collegiate Chapter officer communications are sent directly to individual officers on a weekly basis. These are shared, as needed, on Sundays, in the form of an Officer Digest. Not every officer will receive a digest each Sunday.  condense and re-word
  • Complete the Sisterhood Program Specialist Library Course, when available. (Library courses are still good – Your Role has TME and DDP so a little outdated. That workbook training video is painful. Maybe we just ask them to watch the coaching session since it’s more up to date.  The library course, workbook session and coaching session is a lot to ask.)
  • Review the Membership Experience resources on Pride Online.  Could we link the SPS and pride resources here instead?
  • Review the Event Planning Guide for resources and risk reduction strategies for Chapter Retreat, Sisterhood Events, Initiation, and other events coordinated by the Membership Experience Team. Work with the Vice President of Event Management, Event Management Advisor, and Risk Management Committee to support the planning process.
  • Attend any Membership Experience virtual training (or watch recordings) and review new resources provided. as pertains to SPS
  • Attend any/all relevant training offered by your campus Panhellenic and/or Fraternity/Sorority Life office. 

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