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First 30 Days Checklist 

Complete Transition Paperwork

  • Log on to Pride Online and ensure your contact information is up to date.
    • It is important to update your contact information to ensure that you are receiving all communications from Executive Office and the International Organization.

Meet with your contacts

  • Meet with the outgoing Vice President of Operations to transition your roles. This is an individual meeting between the outgoing Vice President of Operations and the incoming Vice President of Operations. This should not be done during the Leadership Planning Workshop. Though you meet with your outgoing officer to learn more about your position and gain insight from the past academic year, your primary source of information for transitions should be the resources available on Pride Online, such as Library Courses, Manuals and Forms, and the Chapter Operations Book. If conflicting or outdated information is provided the materials that live on Pride Online
    • Review the shared content from the Departing Officer Workbook and Incoming Officer Workbook.
    • Discuss plans for additional transitions meetings if needed and establish communication expectations for questions that arise throughout the year.
    • Transition any chapter files and paperwork, hard copy or digital, you may need. This includes Annual Chapter Evaluation, Chapter Bylaws, Standing Rules, Chapter Meeting Minutes, and Chapter Correspondence.
      • When transitioning material listed above, ensure that it is all up-to-date resources that have current information included.
    • Discuss the Chapter Officer Checklist, VPO weekly duties, and process of holding other officers accountable for their responsibilities.
    • Review the previous year’s Annual Chapter Evaluation (ACE) and its purpose.
    • Review chapter Pi Portal processes and procedures on Pride Online (i.e. updating officers, chapter roster management, uploading chapter documents, etc.).
    • Review the current Chapter Bylaws & Standing Rules along with purpose of the Bylaws & Standing Rules Committee.
  • Meet with your Executive Chapter Advisor
    • Discuss expectations and goals for the upcoming year.
    • Determine frequency and format of meetings and communication. It is an expectation that the EVP VPO will communicate weekly with the Executive Chapter Advisor.
  • Email or meet with your Collegiate Province Director.
    • Introduce yourself and exchange contact information.
    • Obtain contact information for all other District Team Members that work with your chapter.
    • Discuss expectations for the upcoming year and how you plan on communicating.
  • Email your chapter’s Advisory Board members. The VPO functions as the liaison between the chapter and its alumnae advisors.
    • Introduce yourself and exchange contact information.
    • Discuss expectations for the upcoming year and set goals.
  • Meet with the incoming Executive Board.
    • Introduce yourself and exchange contact information.
    • Determine weekly Executive Committee (EC) and monthly EB meeting times.
    • Discuss your roles and the scope of responsibilities.
    • Discuss expectations for the upcoming year and set goals.
    • Determine how reports and forms will be tracked and distributed to International Officers, Advisors, and chapter members as needed.
    • Ensure EB members have a copy of the most up to date chapter bylaws and standing rules.
    • Review the chapter calendar for the remainder of the school year.
    •  Discuss obligation of all officers to follow with the 30 day checklists.
    • Discuss obligation of all officers to complete all officer trainings on Pride Online.
  • Meet with the Operations Team (Vice President of Operations, Operations Specialist and Archivist) and the Chapter President.
    • Discuss your roles and the scope of responsibilities for the team.
    • Discuss success, challenges, and issues you might expect during your term of office.
  • Meet one on one with the Operations Specialist.
  • Meet one on one with the Archivist.

Learn the Ropes

  • Attend and actively participate in the Leadership Planning Workshop.
    • Complete Incoming Officer Workbook prior to Leadership Planning Workshop
    • Set individual and team goals and expectations for the upcoming year.
    • Make observations and take notes for next year’s workshop.
  • Explore Pi Portal.
    • Review applicable Pi Portal processes and procedures (managing chapter roster, ordering chapter supplies).
    • Within 48 hours of officer installation:
      • Update Collegiate Officers on Pi Portal (Leadership > Actions > Update Chapter Officers)
        • If your chapter has officer e-mail addresses, make sure that the new officers have access, passwords are changed, and the correct officer e-mail address is updated for all officers.
      • Update Advisory Board members (Leadership > Actions > Update Advisory Board)
      • Verify Chapter Mailing and Shipping Address (Chapter Information > Actions > Chapter Profile) and Chapter Calendar (Chapter Information > Actions > Chapter Calendar).
  • Attend any/all training offered by your campus Panhellenic and/or Fraternity/Sorority Life office.
  • Complete Vice President of Operations and Executive Board Library course when available.
  • Attend any Operations virtual training (or watch recordings) and review new resources provided.
  • Review campus policies and procedures regarding meeting gatherings and reserving spaces (this can often be found on your school’s website).

Role & Responsibilities 

  • Serves in the absence of the President. Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice President of Operations does not automatically become President; an election is held for the office of President.
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee and the Executive Board.
    • Is responsible for taking minutes at these meetings.
    • Copies of the Executive Board minutes must be distributed to the District Team Director, Collegiate Services Specialist, Collegiate Province Director, and Chapter Advisor within 48 hours of the meeting.
    • Copies of the Executive Committee minutes must be distributed to the Collegiate Province Director and the Chapter Advisor within 48 hours of the meeting.
    • Maintains a copy of these minutes for the chapter files.
  • Is a member of the Formal Hearing Board.
  • Reports to the chapter on business conducted in Executive Committee and Executive Board meetings.
  • Functions as a liaison between the chapter and the international organization.
    • Ensures all forms and required correspondence are completed by the appropriate officers and boards as instructed. The Vice President of Operations is responsible for mailing all forms and reports, except the financial reports.
    • Is familiar with all International and Executive Office operating procedures.
    • Orders supplies from Executive Office.
  • Sees that the Operations Specialist keeps chapter minutes in order and complete.
    • The Vice President of Operations sends the Chapter Meeting minutes within 48 hours to the Collegiate Province Director and chapter advisors.
  • Verifies the Finance Vice President sends financial reports on schedule.
  • Functions as the liaison between the chapter and alumnae advisors.
    • Notifies the advisors well in advance of all activities they need to or may wish to attend.
    • Ensures each officer is communicating with her advisor on a regular basis, preferably weekly when school is in session.
    • Sees that each advisor signs all of the appropriate forms associated with the chapter offices they supervise.
    • Keeps the Chapter President and Collegiate Province Director informed of the relationship between officers and their advisors.
  • Sets up and maintains the chapter files.
    • Keeps copies of all chapter correspondence to the International Officers and others for at least four years.
    • Keeps a file of all letters and correspondence received by the chapter for at least four years.
    • Keeps copies of all completed forms, updates, codes, bylaws, programs, and orders sent by the chapter for at least four years.
    • Files chapter minutes which are kept forever.
    • Files Executive Committee and Executive Board minutes for at least four years.
  • Maintains the Chapter Calendar and ensures it is current and available for all to access.
  • Is familiar with all the requirements for Chapter Awards.
    • Keeps Awards Tracking Record up-to-date and reports to Executive Board and the chapter on status.
  • Ensures the chapter’s Charter is properly cared for and displayed.
  • Is familiar with the information in the Chapter Operations Book, as well as the Alpha Delta Pi Bylaws and local Chapter Bylaws.
  • Within 10 days of the start of the fall term and within 48 hours of officer installation in the spring and at other times, as necessary, submit relevant information concerning chapter officers, members of the advisory board, faculty advisor, campus advisor, fraternity/sorority advisor, and chapter calendar through Pi Portal.
  • Has main responsibility for scheduling, planning, and conducting the Leadership Transition Workshop outlined in this manual.
  • Memorizes her speaking part in the Initiation Ceremony.
  • Communicates weekly with the Chapter Advisor.
  • Sets personal goals for the office of Vice President of Operations and works toward their accomplishment.

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