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As the first secret society for college women, Alpha Delta Pi has existed for over 170 years. While we have a long history and legacy, we recognize our responsibility to acknowledge our contributions to the racist and oppressive systems still in existence today. We are long overdue in taking responsibility to be better for all of our members, especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), and other marginalized identity groups.

The summer 2020 issue of The Adelphean includes a report on a year’s worth of research into our exclusionary past. This was not written in reaction to global events unfolding over the summer of 2020. Our commitment to transparency and owning our history goes back long before this.

Part of the rollout of this report includes the development of tools and resources for our chapters, volunteers, and members to have at the ready to assist in understanding Alpha Delta Pi’s history, learning from it, and moving forward to ensure ADPi is an inclusive space for all members.

We invite to you view a recording of our Talk About It Tuesday Webinar, Owning Our History with Eyes on the Future, as a starting point to examining and exploring Alpha Delta Pi History. This section will be updated with additional information and resources as it becomes available.

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