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Congratulations on your new role as an International Officer! Thank you for your commitment to Alpha Delta Pi to help ensure continued growth and success for our organization.

It is our hope that through this onboarding process, you feel supported in your new role and have a framework for your position. Our goal is to continue your development through training opportunities and consistent feedback, so you have the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective in your new role. Our Volunteer Engagement Specialist and Executive Office Staff members look forward to supporting and working with you!

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Using this Resource

Please review the following steps to help you get the most out of this resource.

If you have questions about these resources, please contact Senior Director of Membership Jen Dickinson at or 470.737.0908. 


Alpha Delta Pi is grateful for your volunteer service. Since our founding, Alpha Delta Pi members have worked to attain and represent the highest ideals possible in every phase of life. Our ability as a sorority to reach and in turn enrich and enhance the well-being of others depends upon the standards and dedication of our individual members. Alpha Delta Pi has a proud tradition in the quality of its membership. An Alpha Delta Pi aims to be a mature person, gracious, and respectful of others and herself. She is conscious of the fact that her personal conduct, attitudes, and standards affect the welfare and reputation of Alpha Delta Pi. Each member must guard the honor and privilege of her Alpha Delta Pi membership.

Alpha Delta Pi asks that each alumna serving as an International Officer read and comply with the following volunteer expectations.

Alpha Delta Pi International Officers will:

*A conflict of interest arises when a volunteer may benefit financially from a decision that she could make or influence in her position, including indirect benefits to family members of businesses with which the volunteer is closely associated.

Use of Confidential Information and Confidentiality 

As an Alpha Delta Pi volunteer, I understand that I may be privy to confidential information before it is shared with the broader Alpha Delta Pi membership or the public. I understand that I may also have access to resources and information intended for internal Alpha Delta Pi use. I understand the importance of keeping this information confidential and agree not to share it internally or externally until directed to do so. I understand that all member information is confidential and should not be shared outside of Alpha Delta Pi.

Volunteer Commitment

I understand that should the sorority fund or partially fund my attendance and/or travel to an Alpha Delta Pi training event, it is the expectation that I will continue in my role for at least one full year following the training event. If I choose to resign before the end of the year, I understand that I may be asked to reimburse the sorority for the expense incurred.

As an International Officer of Alpha Delta Pi, I agree to the expectations outlined above. I understand that violations of the expectations listed above may result in the termination of my volunteer role.

I agree to subscribe and remain subscribed to all Alpha Delta Pi communication. Staff may re-subscribe me to our mass email communications if I unsubscribe in error. (Contact the EO Communications Coordinator if you have questions about your communication settings.)

I understand that my role as an Alpha Delta Pi International Officer is at will and entirely voluntary. I may choose to resign as an International Officer at any time and I understand that Alpha Delta Pi reserves the right to remove me as a volunteer as listed in the Bylaws of Alpha Delta Pi.


Sign International Officer Expectations & Commitment Form



How we work is as important as what we deliver. It matters how we treat each other, how we embrace our team members, and how we do our individual roles. Alpha Delta Pi expects volunteers to commit to our guiding principles. These will guide how we do our work and how we hold each other accountable we work together as a team.

  • Lead with One ADPi and Team ADPi
  • Trust
  • Begin with “yes”
  • Communicate
  • Coach as we learn from mistakes
  • Sponsor consistently, both publicly and privately
  • Work within policies and guidelines
  • Define experience broadly – view through the lens of diversity and inclusion
  • Collaborate with volunteers and staff in policy development and implementation
  • Work smart – not more or harder
  • Engage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and prioritize collaboration
  • Demonstrate servant leadership – not entitlement



The First 90 Days Checklist is designed to introduce you to your role, responsibilities, and resources. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will help get you started on some of the recommended tasks for your first 90 days and provide the resources needed to accomplish each task.

Review this section as it provides general information relevant to all International Officer positions and the First 90 Days Checklist applicable to your role.

Important Resources

Your First Week

  • Create a username and password for Pride Online. You will need to provide your chapter name and initiation year. If you already have an account, you will continue to use the same one. Your Pi Portal username and password will be the same as your Pride Online username and password. 
  • Review the District Team Member Job Description and your specific International Officer Job Description to understand your key responsibilities and role expectations. 
  • Schedule time with your District Team Director (DTD) and/or Programming Director Chair to discuss training specific to your role, establish communication expectations, and ensure understanding of your key responsibilities.
  • Begin to familiarize yourself with Alpha Delta Pi policies, procedures and resources . Understand the content areas and how they relate to your position.
  • Review the sections on Chapter Officer Roles and Responsibilities and Boards, Teams and Committees as they relate to your specific role.
  • Watch the Pride Online and Pi Portal Webinar in the Alumnae Volunteer Training course in the Library. 
  • Begin contacting chapter advisory boards, chapter officers, and house corporations (if applicable) to introduce yourself. Pi Portal > Leadership > Reports > Chapter Advisors/Chapter Officers/House Corporation Officers
  • Refer to the Annual Chapter Evaluation (ACE) for the chapters you support. Use as a resource to understand areas of strength, areas of opportunity, and awards eligibility for each chapter. A chapter’s ACE can be found on Pi Portal > Chapter > Reports > Chapter Documents > Annual Chapter Evaluation
  • Review the Chapter Performance Awards Rubric and Chapter Programming Excellence Awards documents. 
  • Pay your ReMember dues, if you have not done so already.

Your Second Week

Your Third Week

  • Review the Fraternity and Sorority Advisor Communication Guidelines.
  • Review Travel and Expense Reimbursement.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Parental Consent Procedures and Form
  • Explore The Volunteer Chronicle and The Chronicle. The Volunteer Chronicle is published every Friday and distributed via email to our alumnae volunteers and Executive Office Staff. It includes important information and updates about the sorority that you should review each week. The Chronicle is published on the second Tuesday of every month and distributed via email to all alumnae. 
  • Explore Officer Digests. Collegiate chapter officer communications are sent directly to individual officers on a weekly basis. These are shared, as needed, on Sundays, in the form of an Officer Digest. Not every officer will receive a digest each Sunday. These are previewed in the Volunteer Chronicle.
  • Explore The House Corporation Chronicle. The House Corporation Chronicle is published quarterly and distributed via email to International Officers, House Corporation Members, Executive Office Staff, Chapter Presidents, Finance Vice Presidents, Property Managers. It includes housing updates and housing information. 
  • Explore The Family Chronicle. The Family Chronicle is sent twice a year via email from Executive Office to all parents of active collegiate members. It includes general information about sorority life, including scholarship opportunities, campus safety tips, academic information, and more. 
  • Visit the Foundation and Donate sections of the Alpha Delta Pi website. Familiarize yourself with the Foundation’s goals, scholarships, emergency grants, Trustees, and staff.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation and our philanthropy, Ronald McDonald House Charities. 
  • Continue to connect with your DTD and/or Programming Director Chair for area-specific onboarding.

Your Fourth Week

Your Second Month

  • Complete Library Courses:
    • International Officer Webinars
    • Alumnae Volunteer Training
    • International Organization
      • Hybrid Board Governance Webinar
    • Behind Happy Faces Alumnae Volunteer Series: This is educational content focused on mental health.
    • Other courses applicable to your role
  • Review Education on Chapter Discipline resource.
  • Review the Resources on Providing Care and Support that provides linked information to experts and organizations that can help you navigate specific concerns where members might struggle and need support.
  • Schedule time with your Mentor to establish a relationship and create a partnership.  More information to come.
  • Continue to reference Manuals and Forms resources, as needed. 
  • Continue to connect with your DTD and/or Programming Director Chair for area-specific onboarding.

Your Third Month

  • Review the Alpha Delta Pi Bylaws and Standing Rules
  • Review the Alpha Delta Pi Strategic Plan
  • Review the Ritual Book to ensure chapters are following ritual as it relates to your position. 
  • Review the Alpha Delta Pi Media Plan
  • Familiarize yourself with Alpha Delta Pi Brand Resources, including the Brands Standards Guide. 
  • Schedule time to connect with your Mentor.
  • Continue to reference the Manuals and Forms resources, as needed. 
  • Continue to connect with your DTD and/or Programming Director Chair for area-specific onboarding.

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