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Commitment to Responsible Stewardship 

Alpha Delta Pi desires for its members to travel in safe and reasonable comfort, and in a manner consistent with financial responsibility. As good stewards, we must take every possible measure to conduct our business in a prudent and cost- effective manner. The following policies have been designed to strike such a balance. We ask that you please read through these provisions and follow them carefully when conducting business for Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. If you find that extenuating circumstances require choices outside these guidelines for personal safety or cost reasons, please contact the appropriate budget owner to discuss approval. 



Reimbursement Guidelines 


Alpha Delta Pi reimburses staff, Grand Council and International Officer for approved ADPi business travel that includes chapter and house corporation visits, Greek conference travel, and other approved travel as outlined in the current budget. Travel to chapter anniversaries or milestone events are considered social and not reimbursed, unless the International Officer has been asked to facilitate or speak at the event. 


Special reimbursement instructions may apply to travel for Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention and other leadership training events that will be communicated prior to the event taking place. Unless otherwise instructed, these policies will be followed. 



All travel (air, rental car or personal vehicle) must be itemized in the appropriate budget and receive prior approval from the supervising international officer. For convenience to International Officers, it is encouraged that air tickets and/or 

rental cars be booked through the Sorority’s official travel platform, Navan. For travel to conferences and meetings, special instructions may apply. 


When possible, all travel arrangements should be made at least 21 days before the departure date to avoid last minute price surges. Navan is committed to finding the lowest possible airfare and our travelers are expected to find the lowest possible airfare when booking travel themselves, even if it’s not on their preferred airline. Alpha Delta Pi will authorize the purchase of coach fares only, and normally this will be a penalty or non-refundable ticket with no added trip insurance. Business, First-class, and extended leg room seating upgrades are permitted with the use of complimentary certificates or personal use of airline points, if there is no additional cost to the Sorority. 


Alpha Delta Pi International Officers and staff members may use Navan to book personal or Alpha Delta Pi travel. If booking personal travel through Navan, the traveler must select “personal trip” when beginning the booking process to ensure the travel is charged to the individual’s personal credit card. 


Advance written approval is required from the Alpha Delta Pi Events and Education Coordinator if a traveler wishes to combine personal or business travel with Alpha Delta Pi travel. Travelers can still use Navan to book travel that 

combines personal or business travel with Alpha Delta Pi travel, however, the traveler must select “personal trip” to ensure the travel is booked to the individual’s personal credit card. Alpha Delta Pi will reimburse an amount equal to the cost of 

travel from the person’s home to the required destination and back to the home location. The traveler may then submit an 

expense report form for reimbursement along with: 

  • A copy of the itinerary 
  • A cost quote for the portion of the travel only (the roundtrip cost from the home location to required destination and back) 
  • The invoice for the ticket that was purchased 
  • A note of explanation and the written approval from the Alpha Delta Pi Events and Education Coordinator 


Travelers choosing to make arrangements using personal credit cards for payment must wait until the scheduled ADPi trip is completed to submit reimbursement for airfare, rental cars, and/or hotel. In the event a scheduled trip is postponed or canceled and an airfare credit (as opposed to a full refund) is issued by the airline, travelers must wait until the rescheduled trip takes place and the credit is used to repurchase ADPi trip airfare before seeking reimbursement. When the new airfare does not use the full balance of available credit, travelers will receive reimbursement for the cost of the rebooked airfare only. Any unused credit belongs to the traveler to use at her discretion. Should any remaining credit be used to rebook additional ADPi travel, reimbursement may be sought at that time. Proper documentation of the credit and newly purchased airfare must be submitted with the expense report, and the expense coding should be based on the rebooked travel. 



The Travel Authorization form, must be submitted through Pride Online, is for an International Officer’s travel if they wish to be reimbursed for their travel expenses through Executive Office. This form is not for Leadership Consultant travel or when traveling to group conferences such as Leadership Seminar and Grand Convention or other business where group approval is given. 


Step one: Sign into Pride Online and find the Travel Authorization Form  

  • Resources > International Officers > Forms > Travel Authorization Form  


Step Two: Submit Form with All Travel Details 

  • International Officer completes Travel Authorization form on Pride Online and submits for approval. 


The following information is REQUIRED before the form can be submitted: 

  • Title 
  • District 
  • Region 
  • Dates of Travel 
  • Transportation Method 
  • Reason for Travel 
  • Estimated Cost of Trip 
  • Accounting Code 
  • Pride Online> Resources > International Officer > Onboarding > Financial Services > Account Code List 2019-2020 


  • District Team travel is approved by the District Team Director or the Collegiate Services Specialist. 


Step 3: Travel Approved or Denied 

After submitting the Travel Authorization Form, the appropriate approvers will receive a generated email with the travel request. They will approve or deny the travel based on the information submitted. 


If the travel request is approved, the approval will be emailed to the International Officer who submitted the request, the approvers, and the Chapter Finance Director for the region selected. 


If the travel request is denied, an email will be sent to the International Officer who submitted the request and the appropriate approvers. It is the responsibility of the International Officer to connect with the approver in order to discuss what changes need to be made to the original submission. The International Officer will then need to submit a new Travel Authorization Form. 


Step 4: When Travel is Approved 

Upon receiving the approval email, the International Officer can then log in to their Navan account and book travel. 


Advance written approval is required from the Alpha Delta Pi Events and Education Coordinator if a person is combining personal or business travel with Alpha Delta Pi travel. Alpha Delta Pi will reimburse an amount equal to the cost of travel 

from the person’s home to the required destination and back to her home Navan cannot charge tickets to Alpha Delta Pi if the travel combines personal or business travel with Alpha Delta Pi travel. Instead, the traveler must purchase the ticket on their own, with their own credit card and submit an expense report form for reimbursement along with: 

  • A copy of the itinerary 
  • A cost quote for the portion of the travel only (the roundtrip cost from her home to required destination and back) 
  • The invoice for the ticket that was purchased 
  • A note of explanation and the written approval from the Alpha Delta Pi Events and Education Coordinator 


The Sorority permits volunteers to accumulate frequent flyer points that result from travel, and travelers may retain 

ownership of these points for personal use. Selecting higher fares on a preferred carrier to receive such frequent flyer 

points is not permitted. Conveniently, Navan stores all Alpha Delta Pi rewards numbers. 



Baggage fees will be covered for one standard weight bag when traveling for 3+ nights. Alpha Delta Pi is not responsible for a second checked bag or the fee of a bag that is overweight.  The excess costs will be covered by the traveler. Exceptions will be made for event facilitators or those traveling with event materials. When checking your bag is required, if the option is available, please check your bag prior to arriving at the airport. 


In-flight WIFI internet will not be reimbursed. 


When traveling on behalf of ADPi business where travel is being paid for or reimbursed, Alpha Delta Pi will not reimburse for mileage to and from the airport unless the departing airport is over 30 miles from your home. 



Alpha Delta Pi expects all travelers to choose the most cost-effective mode of transportation. If you opt to drive instead of flying, your reimbursed travel should be no more than 500 miles roundtrip and should cost no more than round trip coach airfare from the airport closest to your home.  If driving exceeds 500 miles roundtrip, please refer to the Ground Transportation section of the travel policy for auto rental guidelines.  Drivers must include their approved Travel Authorization Form if requesting reimbursement for mileage. 


Alpha Delta Pi reimburses 45 cents per mile for any authorized trip in your own car. (Since mileage is reimbursed, individual gas receipts will not be reimbursed.) Parking and toll fees are also reimbursable but should be taken into consideration when determining the most cost-effective way to travel. Expenses to local alumnae meetings and other strictly social affairs are not reimbursable. 


Mileage to and from the airport is covered under “Air Transportation” 



When attending a Sorority-sponsored meeting or conference for which a block of hotel rooms has been reserved as a part of the meeting, the traveler is required to accept one of the pre-reserved rooms as assigned. Requests for upgraded rooms, suites, etc. are considered a personal expense and additional charges for this type of accommodation will not be reimbursed. 


Hotel services such as in-room movies, all mini bar charges, in-guest room internet, and personal phone calls are not reimbursable items. Room-service for breakfast is not preferred but is permitted when no other options are available. Alpha Delta Pi will reimburse your hotel self-parking fee. If you choose to valet park, Alpha Delta Pi will reimburse the hotel’s self-parking fee and the difference will be covered by you. Full valet parking fees will not be reimbursed unless previously approved. 


When visiting a chapter/alumnae association/house corporation, every effort should be made for the international officer to stay with the chapter to defray costs as well as get a complete picture of the chapter operations. If this is not possible, the hotel accommodations will be charged to the district team budget as chapter support. Travelers are expected to use Navan to search for the best deal in the city they are traveling and share a room when possible. It is recommended that per night rates not exceed $175. Purchased upgrades, suites, valet parking and in room services are not reimbursable expenses (as mentioned above). Reservation charges and prepaid rooms should not be submitted for reimbursement until after your scheduled trip is completed. Exceptions to this policy may be requested from Lanie Stowe, Director of Finance/Controller by emailing 



Alpha Delta Pi travelers are required to use the most economical mode of ground transportation when necessary. Airport shuttle services, hotel shuttles, mass transit, Uber, Lyft and taxis are preferred options. Alpha Delta Pi may provide a preferred transportation vendor for meetings. If you choose to use another form of transportation to and from the hotel, i.e.: a taxi, and the cost is greater than the approved amount, you may expense it, but you will only be reimbursed for up to the approved amount. Please refer to the Travel Authorization Form instructions above to obtain approval instructions. 


Auto rentals are allowable when the nature of the trip or the destination is more than 500 miles roundtrip or makes the use of local transportation, such as taxis or shuttles, impractical or more expensive. An economy or mid-size car should be reserved using our corporate membership rates with Enterprise, unless a better deal is found elsewhere. Larger cars are acceptable only to accommodate multiple people who are traveling together. Alpha Delta Pi’s insurance policies include rental car property and liability coverage for staff and volunteer travelers engaged in Sorority business. Therefore, travelers on Sorority business should decline the personal accident insurance and the collision damage waiver insurance offered by the auto rental company. Auto rentals can be booked through Navan but must be booked using a personal credit card as Auto Rental companies require you to present the credit card used when picking up the car. Using the link below, select Emerald Club Enrollment to register and/or learn more: 


When rail travel is necessary or preferred, coach travel at the most economical rate is required. Rail travel should be booked on Navan when possible. 


Airport parking is a reimbursable expense. The most economical airport parking option, which is typically long-term or off- site, should be chosen. The sorority will reimburse up to $15 per day for airport parking. 


Alpha Delta Pi does not reimburse for valet parking at any location. If you choose to valet park, Alpha Delta Pi will reimburse the self-parking fee at your location and the difference will be covered by you. Full valet parking fees will not be reimbursed unless previously approved. 


When driving a rental or personal car during Alpha Delta Pi related travel or event, Alpha Delta Pi requires travelers to abide by state and local laws. Alpha Delta Pi will not be responsible for traffic, parking, or toll booth violations. Tickets or fines incurred will be at the expense of the traveler. 



A traveler will be reimbursed for actual cost of a meal but not to exceed the individual meal allowance rates. When a traveler is entitled to a full day’s allowance, the total for all meals in one day shall not exceed the maximum per diem allowance rate. 


Allowance Rates: 

Individual Meal 

Breakfast: $15 

Lunch: $15 

Dinner: $25 

Maximum per diem: $55 


Daily meal allowance will be followed by the time guidelines listed below: 

  • Beginning your travel; it’s allowable to go into travel status up to three hours before your flight 
  • 8am or before (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – maximum per diem allowance rate applies after 8am until 2pm (lunch and dinner) – individual meal allowance rate applies after 2pm until 6pm (dinner) – individual meal allowance rate applies. 
  • Returning home 
  • before 12 noon (breakfast) – individual meal allowance rate applies 12 noon until before 6pm (breakfast and lunch) – individual meal allowance rate applies 6pm or after (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – maximum per diem allowance rate applies 


Itemized receipts for meals are required for reimbursement. Non-itemized meal receipts will not be accepted for reimbursement. If you pick up the check for a group meal, please indicate on your expense form exactly who was included. Alpha Delta Pi does not reimburse for alcohol or alcoholic beverages purchased during traveling. 


When a meal is incorporated into the agenda of a meeting sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi, the meal is the expense of the Sorority and is not a reimbursable expense of the attendee. (For example, if the meeting’s agenda provides each attendee with breakfast and lunch, the only reimbursable meal expense for that attendee will be dinner.) 


Conferences not sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi include a number of group meals in the registration fee. Meals not included in the conference registration fee are at the attendee’s expense and not reimbursable. 



Guidelines on tipping a server are 15% to 20% of your total bill. If you’ve used a discount or received any free items, you should tip on the amount that your bill would have come to if you’d paid full price. If your party is large or placing many special requests, you should increase your tip appropriately. Tipping for a Taxi, Uber or Lyft driver is usually 10% to 15% of the total fare. At the airport you should usually tip Skycaps – $1 to $2 per bag and a long-term parking shuttle driver – $1 to $2 per bag, if the driver assists you with your bags. Finally, when tipping at a hotel you should tip the maid $1 – $10 per night, depending on how expensive the room is, and how messy you are. Room Service – 10% to 15% of total bill. Many hotels add the gratuity to your bill automatically, so be sure to check your bill when the food is delivered and the Bell Desk – $2 – $3 per bag for delivering bags to your room; $1 – $2 per bag for retrieving your bags from storage. 



Prepaid telephone calling cards are not reimbursable. 



A supply of notecards and memo pad are available from Executive Office once a year. Additional supplies should be purchased locally as outlined in your committee or district team budget but purchases in excess of $30 should have prior approval from the supervising international officer. 


Reimbursement Procedures 

The purpose of the Expense Report is to reimburse members for approved expenses incurred on behalf of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. All approved Travel Authorization Forms must be attached in order for expenses to be reimbursed. 


Expenses are reimbursed only for official chapter/alumnae association/house corporation visits or other prearranged meetings and conferences. Expenses should be submitted on the International Officer Expense Report Form. This form and other resources can be found on Pride Online using the following path:  

  • Resources > Manuals & Forms > International Officer Travel and Expense Reimbursement. 


Expense reports (with itemized receipts) should be submitted within 30 days of when the expense is incurred. 


Alpha Delta Pi’s fiscal year ends on July 31 and expense reports must be processed before the end of the fiscal year in which the expense is incurred to meet accounting standards. 


Officers should not pre-purchase office supplies or travel for the upcoming fiscal year as the organization needs to monitor costs for items used in the current budget year. Travel should not be purchased further out than two months at the end of the fiscal year (in July, you can book travel as needed for August and September in the upcoming fiscal year). Additionally, items pre-purchased at budget year-end may be coded to the upcoming budget upon request. 



Itemized receipts are required to substantiate all expenditures and receipts must be attached to the expense report to approve the reimbursement. If you have lost a receipt or do not have an itemized receipt, you will not be able to request reimbursement. 


The following are not reimbursable expenses: 

  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Any mini-bar charges 
  • Meals that are incorporated into Sorority meeting agendas or that are designated “on your own” 
  • In-Flight WIFI Internet and In-Guest Room Internet 
  • Checked bag overweight fee 
  • Second checked bag fee 
  • Mileage from home to airport if <30 miles 
  • Gifts/flowers to Chapter members, advisors or other international officers. 
  • State Day (unless specified in the District Team or Grand Council Budget) 
  • Prepaid telephone cards, gift cards/certificates (examples include Target gift card, Office Max prepaid copy card, etc.) Such items are subject to being lost or stolen and are also difficult to track actual usage to specific budgets. 
  • Team building events (Alpha Delta Pi encourages these but at the individual officer’s expense.) 
  • Tickets or fines associated with traffic, parking, or toll booth violations 



A visit report to a chapter, alumnae association or house corporation must be uploaded to Pi Portal within three weeks of the date of the visit. A visit report is required before expenses for that visit are reimbursed. If the visit report has not been received by Executive Office, expense reimbursements will be held until the visit report is submitted. 


If you attend a meeting at the expense of Alpha Delta Pi, a meeting report must be filed with Executive Office within three weeks of the visit. This report should include any information that could be useful to other International Officers (such as vendor lists, meeting highlights or other general information). This applies to professional meetings such as Fraternal Law Conference, National Panhellenic Conference, or Regional Greek Conferences. 


To submit a visit report on Pride Online, use the following path:  

  • Resources > Manuals & Forms > International Officers > International Officer/Staff Visit Report. 



HeadingIndicate your name, current mailing address, email address and office held at the top of the form. Check the travel box if you used Navan. Travel booked on Navan using the Alpha Delta Pi credit card will not have to report the airfare cost on the travel reimbursement section of this form. 


Travel Reimbursements 

  • Each row across the form represents a visit or function attended. Multiple trips can be reported on one form, just separate lines. Itemized receipts for all expenses must accompany the form. 
  • Fill out the details of each trip at the beginning of each row with the date and destination (chapter or event), and reason for visit should be completed for each trip (i.e. recruitment, probation, etc.). 
  • Coding – You will either code a trip to an account code or you can charge the chapter if the visit was discipline related. If using two or more accounting codes for one visit, use separate lines on the expense report form. 
  • Accounting codes – Choose an account code form the Account Code List which can be found on Pride Online using the following path:  
  • Resources > Manuals & Forms > International Officers > Travel and Expense Reimbursement. 



  • Prepaid expenses for travel that has not yet occurred cannot be submitted until the trip has been completed. This includes airfare, hotel reservations, rental cars, and other pre-booked expenses. 
  • Please refer to the website for the most current Account Code list. The code that you choose must correspond to our current fiscal year budget. 
  • Chapter visits are coded to the chapter’s support code. Refer to the proper district for the list of account codes by chapter. For disciplinary or probation visits, the chapter is typically responsible for these expenses. 
  • To “Bill a chapter” for a discipline visit, DO NOT use a chapter support code. Simply insert the chapter name in the “Bill To” column. DO NOT bill a chapter for anything other than expenses related to a discipline visit. 
  • All approved Greek travel, including NPC, is coded to travel Greek associations. Please refer to the Greek Travel section of the account code list. 
  • All ADPi conferences/events have their own coding (i.e. Adelphean Compass, Convention, Leadership Seminar, etc.). Please refer to the specific event on the account code list. 
  • If you are unsure of what code to use or if the chapter should pay for your visit, please contact your DTD or CFD for assistance. If you are traveling for a specific event or committee and unsure of what code to use, please contact the Committee Chair or event planner for assistance. 
  • Improper or invalid coding will delay processing time. Confirm coding prior to submitting. 
  • Line Items – Fill out the line items of expenses for which you wish to be reimbursed. These include: 
  • Lodging – Include the cost of room and tax 
  • Transportation by taxi, Uber/Lyft, limo or bus 
  • Airfare – Include the amount paid by airfare only if you paid for it yourself. Do not include airfare charged thru Navan. 
  • Tolls and Self-Parking – valet parking is not a reimbursable expense. 
  • Mileage – When you drive your personal car to a location, you will be reimbursed at 45¢ per mile. 
  • Meals – Include tips in the cost of meals. 
  • Miscellaneous Expenses – any expenses that don’t fit into the other categories. 


Enter the total amount to be reimbursed. Add the rows to get a total for each trip. When completing the form online, the rows are formatted to automatically determine the total costs. 


Submitting Expense Reports to Financials Services at Executive Office: Expense reports and receipts may be submitted through e-mail, mail or fax. To email the report and receipts (receipts must be readable when printed out) send to 


Submittal deadlines: 

  • Within 30 days of travel or purchase 
  • Fiscal Year-End Deadline is July 31st 
  • Prior year expenses received after August 20th will not be reimbursed. 


Receiving Your Reimbursement: Your reimbursement will be forwarded as soon as possible. It may, however, be delayed due to special events or timing of holidays. You will be notified by email if a discrepancy is found that reduces the total reimbursed amount. If you have not received your expense check within four weeks of submitting your visit report and expenses, please feel free to follow up using your original email submission to check the status. 



Events and Education Coordinator: 

Navan:, Navan Chat, or call (844) 718-7773  

Director of Finance/Controller: Lanie Stowe – 

Expense Report submissions: 


Coding questions: 

  • Chapter related visits – contact CSS or DTD 
  • Committee or Greek travel – contact Committee chair 
  • ADPi conference, training, or meeting– Events and Education Coordinator 



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